Sunday Morning & Evening

8 Game Season + Playoffs. All games played on Sunday. 9AM – 9PM


2 Gyms in Queens

Martin Luther School in Maspeth & The Boy & Girls Club in Astoria.


2 Certified Officials

Two 20 Minute running halves. Two Timeouts per half.


League & Pricing

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Heroes Basketball League has been running basketball leagues for kids and adults for over 20 years. We take pride in offering a good competitive atmosphere at affordable pricing to our community of athletes. We respect the game by treating referees well, motivating our teammates, and playing the game the right way.

2016 Winter League:

– 2016 Fall Season Recap

After a strong 24 team season, we look to the playoffs of the Fall 2016 season.

As the 2016 Fall Season of Heroes Basketball came to a close, league officials agreed that both conferences are comprised of some serious heavy hitters.

“The 24 teams this season competed hard every Sunday,” said league official, Steve Fiedler. Teams played most games in their conference and a few out of conference, which is a true test of strength and mental toughness.

Good sportsmanship was a key factor in the success of the season. “We’re all in this to play hard and have fun with our friends and teammates,” said League GM, Sukii Cheng. “Teams that play the game the right way and are not looking to bully others and blame losses on others, are the teams that have success in Heroes.”

– Western Conference Playoff Preview | 13 Teams

For the first time ever, 5 teams went 7-1 through the regular season. LeaderLife Fitness, Brooklyn Rebels, Lock Up, Main Event and T.E.O all lost only one game each. All 5 look very strong heading into the playoffs.

LeaderLife Fitness, led by Former Baruch Basketball legends Jeffrey Leider (the most brolick kid in Heroes) and Lionel Hilaire, provide a one-two punch of strength & quickness on the court, and former Hunter College Guard and Molloy HS standout Rocco Rubino has been shooting lights out through the regular season. Big men Rob Tabor and Kyle Beauchamp must play strong if they plan to win the title this year.

Lock Up has been playing like men among boys this season. Big man and former Queens College basketball player, Anthony Uter, has been unstoppable from 15 feet in, and the smart play and shooting of guards Ray and Keyon have propelled Lock Up to a 1-loss season.

Brooklyn Rebels were on a tear this season. Coached by Joe “aka Mr. DJ Khaled” the Rebels come at you with speed and intensity. Swingman Gemaal and guard Carl are the two best scorers on the team, but they score by committee every game. Guard Wavii and Shakeem need to step up this playoffs, & Big man Kenny must play strong down low for the Rebels to win the chip.

T.E.O is a smart ball club led by sharpshooter Lorenzo (aka “how is that not a foul”). T.E.O’s Jabari, one of the league’s strongest guards, needs to step up his scoring and lock up the other team’s best player for T.E.O to make serious noise these playoffs. Guards Marcus and Brandon need to control the tempo of the game in order for T.E.O. to advance.

Main Event is this season’s biggest surprise. Led by Coach Asia, Main Event is serious about their business this year. They have kept their composure no matter the situation, and that has resulted in a strong 7 win season. Led by guards Prince & Lane, Main Event has a good combination of speed & strength. Without a true big man, swingmen Jamar & Chandra must play strong for Main Event to win down the stretch.

Here for Beer went 5-3 on the season, and have showed, in fact, that they are not just here for the beer. (Although you can catch them chugging 40’s in the bleachers after their games. Jk. Well, they did it once but I told them there’s no drinking in the gyms!!) Swingman Pat must score big and control the flow of the game for his team to advance. Their guards can shoot the ball, but Big man Luke must step up and control the boards for Here for Beer to win.

Brooklyn also went 5-3 on the season. Lefty David Burgos has been dominant, averaging a league high 25 PPG during the regular season. He will continue his strong play, but shooter Juan must catch fire, and their team must control the boards for Brooklyn to make it to the finals.

Last seasons’ champs, Yak Bros, lost a few players to college basketball season, which resulted in a sub-par season… but they can never be counted out. Shooters Brandon and Mike can shoot the rock, and they need to get hot this playoffs. Big man Virgil needs to dominate the paint and super big man Mo needs to defend the paint (without killing anyone =] Love u Moe)

Lights Out is a team that can live in upset city this playoffs. Led by swingman and recently married, Dionisio, their team has a good mix of size, and skill. Big man, Gumby, needs to control the boards on D, and Lights Out needs to feed him in the post and play more inside out on the offensive end. Explosive Guard, Nick, needs to shoot the ball well, and guard Bori “aka Big Papi aka Make em Pay!” needs to make good decisions and play intense defense for Lights Out to upset league leaders.

The Benchwarmers may be the most fun to watch in the league. Stacked with D3 college basketball talent, they score in multiple ways. They set a league record with 23 trey bombs in a single game this season, and their high tempo offense can give teams nightmares. If you walk into the gym and see Jr Camus’ golden locks, Dylan Hogan’s white boy swag, Chris Mshar’s well defined deltoids, Joe Anzalone’s John Stockton-esk play and elf like ears, a lefty kid with goggles going HAM, and a young fella who plays for Molloy HS, you know you’re in for a treat. The Benchwarmers need to shoot well, defend with intensity and rebound the ball if they are to advance into the later rounds.

After losing David to college basketball season (Suny Purchase), Guntitles, led by Noah, must shoot well and control the tempo if they plan to win down the stretch. Big man Derek must be fed and control the boards for Guntitles to have a chance to win the title.

Team Sparks, led by captain Steven “Stix” Scarpula has upset potential. Big time scorer, Jahvari (Coppin State Basketball Alum), has emerged as Spark’s go-to guy down the stretch. If Stix, JNatty and Big man can shoot well, control temp, and defend the paint, they can upset the top seeds.

Last but not least, is Late Registration, led by Player/Coach/Boss Whitty. “Whitty has a nice shake, and quick moves off the dribble… kind of like a smaller, stockier, slower version of A.I.,” said GM Suki Cheng. His jumper is pretty wet too, Suki went on to say. Steve needs to play some kind of defense… any kind of defense will help. LR must pray that the opposing players get sick, or that Kobe walks through the doors of MLS / Variety with a Maroon Heroes shirt on. If not, they will have a tough time taking out a top seed in this season’s playoffs. They are a longshot to win the West, but all jokes aside, they play hard every night and are a fun team to watch. <3 you Whitty.

– Playoff Preview Eastern Conference | 11 Teams

The Firm ended the season on top with a 6-2 record. Every game they play, they’re always lit =D. Guard, Jeremy, has been straight beasting dudes on the regular, and he needs to control the pace of the game these playoffs. Guards Kenny and Jose need to shoot well and play strong, and big man, Joel, needs to control the glass for The Firm to take out the rest of the East.

No Whistle, led my big man captain, Omar, has a good chance to make a deep playoff run. Guard, Carter, has been killing for No Whistle. He needs to continue his hot shooting and playmaking if No Whistle wants to win a title.

After winning the East last year, Lord Knows that Whitty and his team are ready for the playoffs. Strong defender and a fearless offensive weapon, Jabari, needs to shoot well and defend like he has been all season for Lord Knows to make it into the late rounds. Guard, Jalen, is very fun to watch. Explosive and shifty, Jalen gets to the rim with speed and grace. If his jump shot is consistent, Lord Knows will be in good shape. Steve can shoot the 3. If he can play any kind of defense, it will add to Lord Knows’ prominence. We already know what Whitty can do… drop buckets.

Knickerbockers finished 4-4, and are a great team. They’re always on time, they always play hard, and their fans are the best (Gordo’s girl). If Gordo and Melo can control the boards, and score in the paint consistently, they have a good shot to win. Guard Jo Gonzalez must shoot well and distribute the ball to the bigs and other shooters evenly, the Knickerbockers may upset a top seed.

Narcos finished with a 4-4 record. Swingman, Xavier Hamilton, is a force on both ends of the court. The strong, fast guard averages over 20PPG for Narcos, and is the key to their playoff success. Kevin Alvarado must shoot the 3 well, and Daniel Garcia must control the pace of the game if they want a trip to upset city.

OZP has had a rough season. With the loss of star players Lane and Ty, they went 3-5 on the season… but I wouldn’t count them out just yet. Captain Pat Pyzel, big man Justin Luna, guards Dre & Matt, and player/captain Luther play hard every game. They always have a shot to win. If Pat and Dre can shoot the 3 well, and Justin can defend the paint, they can upset anyone.

CM3 Elite, led by Captain Charles Melone, is fun to watch. With all of The Variety Boys 7 Girls Club behind them, they always play with grit and intensity. If Gotti and Yasser shoot the 3 well, Eric can defend the paint, and Kalen shows up, CM3 can upset a high seed.

LA Knights, led by Sal, is a team to watch this playoffs. Sal can flat out score the ball. He should average 20PPG in the playoffs, but it is the play of shooters TJ Jones, Pat, and Point Guard Danillo that will decide their fate. Unless Lil’ Bow Wow walks through the door with those old magic Nike’s that make him play like MJ…they need to shoot the 3 very well and defend with intensity if they plan to win the chip.

CrewthiQ, led by Captain Omar, is a nice team. They always play hard & have fun. Point guard and big man Omar must score in the paint and rebound the ball to advance past a top seed.

ACE is a fun team to watch. Swingman Lydon is a good athlete who can get to the rim and defend. Shooter Miguel has been consistent all season. If big man can rebound and score inside, they have a shot to make a deep run.

Straight 5 is an interesting team. Captain Justin, slasher Rashard and sharpshooter Randall Sanabria come to play every game. Matt Francaviglia needs to be an X-factor by creating shots and defending the perimeter. Straight 5 must get Randall the ball in his sweet spot if they want success late in games.